Thursday, December 31, 2009

Putting Away all of the Holiday Decorations

As we move into a new year, it's time to pack away the holidays. But, packing away the holiday decorations isn't nearly as enjoyable as putting them up, but it has to be done so I have some tips to help you. Store small fragile ornaments in egg cartons. They have individual compartments, they stack easily on top of each other and they were made to cushion fragile items. Decorative bows can get crushed in storage. Use some tissue paper to stuff each loop of your bows. This will help them keep their shape and look great year after year. You can organize all of your wrapping and mailing supplies with a tall kitchen garbage can and clear hanging shoe bag. Stand all of your rolls of paper up on end in the garbage can. This will keep them organized and they won't get squashed. Then use the shoe bag to store your tape, scissors, ribbon, labels, and any other supplies you need. This makes a handy wrapping station whenever you need it, not just around the holidays. I hope this will help you move into 2010 stress free!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Packing for Next Holiday

If you're smart about packing up for the holidays, you can make this year's unpacking a whole lot easier for yourself next year. If there is an area in your home like a mantel or a staircase that you decorate with special items each year, pack all of those pieces in their own bin and label it accordingly. You won't have to dig around through tons of boxes next year! Use plastic food storage bags to separate strings of lights, baubles and bangles! This step will keep everything untangled and neat in the bin. If you use ribbon to decorate with, you know how it can get crushed. Coil it carefully and slip it in a coffee can or a deli container to keep it safe in storage. It's just that simple!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Holiday Pointers

From packing up the decorations to preparing for next year's holiday, I have some tips to help you get it all done and save you time and money. If you have a small artificial Christmas tree and you have the space, store it with the decorations and just cover with a large sheet or plastic bag. This will save you time and effort from year to year. If you have a larger artificial tree, or just don't have the space, I still have some tips to make the job go smoothly. Most trees come with colored tips that designate which layer of the tree they belong on, but they can get chipped over time. When you pull the tree apart group the different layers together and wrap a bungee cord loosely around the group to keep them together. For light strings, coil them loosely and slip them inside a large plastic zipper bag. This way you won't be pulling out a tangled mess next year. This is a great time of year to buy holiday cards, wrapping paper and supplies. Store your stock-ups with the rest of your Christmas decorations and you'll be all set for next year! It's just that simple!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Picture Perfect Holiday

Sure, a picture in a frame is a lovely gift, but I have some ways to personalize those gifts that won't break the bank! Use old pictures and scrap booking paper to personalize a plain gift bag. The plain bags are less expensive, you can use them beyond the holidays and the recipient will love the personal touch. This is also a great way to personalize Christmas cards, buy a pack of blank cards and personalize them for each person! Use your computer to create a calendar for a loved one. You can buy calendar kits at your local office supply store, or simply buy a ream of heavy paper and print them yourself. You can have them bound at a local office supply store for a couple of dollars. Speaking of the computer, use it to blow up pictures to a full sheet, print them out and use them to wrap small gifts. They're really festive! Hope this helps you have a picture perfect holiday!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More ideas for wrapping it up!

If you have a pile of gifts that need to be wrapped, this is the place to be. I have some easy and unique gift-wrapping ideas that are inexpensive. Gift bags are a great alternative to boxing and wrapping but they can get really expensive. So forget the fancy bags and think embellishments! Buy a plain white or brown paper gift bag and use scraps of paper or even last years Christmas cards to decorate the front.Want an even less expensive alternative? Check out a local restaurant supply store for white bakery bags, you can get them in a bundle and they can be altered to fit any holiday! Use a paper shredder to cut strips of brightly colored construction paper for stuffing the bags! Or simply fold them over, punch a couple of holes and thread some ribbon to seal the bag. You could also check the restaurant supply store for butcher's paper. You get a huge roll of white paper that can easily be dressed up with ribbons, raffia or even rubber stamps! Looking for a cute alternative to expensive gift tags that you can't even fit your name on; enlist the help of your computer. Use a business card template to design the cards, and simply print a full sheet of the cards. Cute and custom!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time to wrap it up!!!

The key to any task is organization. Well I have easy ways to keep your wrapping supplies organized so you can get through the chore of wrapping those holiday gifts in no time! If you're always combing the house to find scissors and pens and tape and tags, buy two sets, one for the house and one for wrapping. Keep the wrapping set corralled in a see through make-up bag for easy, portable access. If your wrapping paper rolls are always unrolling and falling to the floor, try this: cut a paper towel or toilet paper tube along its length. Then slip it around the paper, it will keep it rolled up and it won't rip the paper like tape can! Now for storage, a clear hanging garment bag is the perfect spot to store all of your wrapping paper. Slip the rolls upright in the bag. Put your ribbon spools in the bottom along with your tape and scissors kit, and then stash the whole kit in a closet, always together and right where you need it! I hope this helps!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tree Time

It's time to put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house. If you're feeling a little bit overwhelmed, I have some tips to get you back in the Christmas spirit.
When you get your tree home, you need to let it settle. To give it a good start, cut a couple of inches off of the tree trunk, so that it can easily absorb water.
Fill a bucket with cool water and pour a cup of maple syrup into it. Then put your tree in the water and let it sit for a couple of days. The sugar in the syrup will help preserve it. Make sure that you keep that tree sheltered from the sun and the wind. Then, when you're ready to bring it inside, make sure to make a fresh cut in the trunk. If your lights were put away in a big ball last year, don't worry. unplug the strings from each other . Then you can plug them into the wall one at a time. Follow the lights to loosen the mess. A little safety tip: if you have small children or pets that seem fascinated by the tree, hang decorative bells on the lower branches. This way if anyone is too close to the tree, you'll be able to hear them. Merry To You!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Zipping through Holiday Frustrations

Forget the wires, string and tape.this holiday season all you need are zip ties to help you decorate. Zip ties are strong and they hold securely without damaging so that they're the perfect temporary fix. Thread a zip tie through the back of a bow and secure it around a wreath, this will keep the bow in place through all sorts of wind and weather. A zip tie also makes a great hanger zip it into a loop on the back of even the heaviest wreaths for a safe and sturdy hanger. Zip ties are the perfect tool for securing garlands to banisters and fences. They wrap easily around the posts or spindles and hold tight. They will also secure ornaments or other decorations easily to a wreath or garland. If your zip tie isn't long enough just attach a few together and make them the size you need. Use zip ties to secure light strands to your wreaths or garland, you can also use them to organize and hold together all of your wires for your holiday lights so they blend easily and aren't a tripping hazard. Once you've zipped, a nail clipper is the perfect tool to clip off those little tails. Happy Holidays!