Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Four local Sherwin Williams paint stores are holding a Faux Painting Technique Workshop on Saturday, October 16th from 10:00-11:30am. The techniques they'll be covering are: Smooth Quartz Stone, Brushed Metalllic, Textured Fresco and Raised Leaf. Should be a great workshop - stop by and maybe I'll see you there. It's just that simple!

Fall Maintenance: Gutter Cleaning! - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

Fall Maintenance: Gutter Cleaning! - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

Monday, September 27, 2010

Above the Window Shelf

Installing a shelf above your window will give you a great display area and it can be a place to install curtains.

1. Buy the shelves ready made at a craft store or home improvement center. Measure the width of your window and buy a shelf that will extend a few inches beyond that on both sides. Or build the shelf with a piece of wood and two triangular supports.(It is best to finish the shelf before hanging it so paint or stain it to complement the woodwork around the window.)

2. If you also want to hang curtains from this shelf, before you hang it, drill a hole through each of the side supports big enough to hold a dowel. Hang the shelf and insert one end of the dowel through the support. Pull the curtain over the rod and slip it through the second support.

3. When the shelf is ready to install, screw it into the studs on either side of your window so that the side supports sit flush against the window casing, and the top is level with the top of the window.

4. You may also want to screw the shelf itself into the top of the window casing to give it extra support.

Crafty Stains

Craft projects are fun and fulfilling but they can be messy, I have some tips for dealing with crafty messes at your house.

1. Acrylic paints yield great results unless you get them on your clothes: the key, act quickly! For acrylics on clothes, lay an old towel under the item and then dab the stain with a white cloth and cool water until no more color comes off. Treat any remaining stain with rubbing alcohol. Then launder in warm water. Remember don't toss it in the dryer until the stain is gone.

2. Glue guns are notorious for dripping. To prevent messes on your work surface, rest your gun on a metal tray or old cookie sheet when you're not using it. If you did get some glue on your work surface, use a hairdryer to reheat it and then peel it away, don't try to chip hardened glue off of a surface it will take the finish with it!

3. Like glitter, hate the mess? Apply adhesive to the item and then place it in a shallow cardboard box, like the ones that canned goods come in. Then apply your glitter in the box, this way excess will stay in the box and not on your work surface where it can be spilled and tracked all over. If you get glitter on a carpet or your clothing use a sticky lint roller to clean it up quick!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Do you clean your upholstered furniture regularly? Don't wait until you can see the dust and dirt, add it to your weekly cleaning routine.

1. Look over the pieces carefully, if you see any spots or stains treat them immediately. Test any cleaning solution on a hidden part of the upholstery for colorfastness before trying any spot treatments.

2. For a generic spot treater, whip together two teaspoons of clear dish soap and a half a cup of water until it's nice and foamy. Use a damp white cloth to dab the mixture onto the stain. When you can see that the stain has lifted, dab the soap out with a second cloth and clean water.

3. Club Soda is a quick spot treater when you're entertaining and don't have time for a full treatment. Just dab some on and treat the spot later.

4. White shaving cream is a great spot treater. Use very little on a damp white cloth to treat all kinds of mystery stains. When the stain is gone, dab with a second cloth and clean water.

5. If you have a stain on a cushion, don't pull the cover off and throw it in the wash. This could cause damage and shrinkage. Unzip the back and put a towel in between the cushion and the fabric cover, then treat the stain.

Repair or Recycle an old Garden Hose

If your garden hose has sprung a leak, don't throw it away! There is an easy way to fix it.

1. Pick up a hose coupling at your local hardware store. Just make sure you measure the diameter of your hose so that you get the right size.

2. Use a sharp utility knife to cut out the section of the hose that is leaking. Insert the coupling into the hose and use a pair of pliers to tighten down the teeth that hold the coupling in place.

3. If your hose is beyond repair, there are some great ways to recycle it! Support tree branches by threading sturdy wire thorough a cut length of hose. Then use the cushioned wire to tie off those sagging branches.

4. Slit your hose lengthwise and use it as a covering on swing set chains to protect little hands, or as a cover on your saw blades.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pete & Brenda in the Morning

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Some Alternative Uses for Over the Door Hooks!

There is no need to limit those over the door hooks to just clothes and towels; I have so many more cool ideas for their uses.

1. If you don't want your necklaces getting knotted up in a jewelry box, use an over the door hook to keep them all in line on the inside of the closet door. They'll stay knot free and you'll be able to find the one you want at a glance.

2. On the back of the bathroom door a hook can keep your hairdryers and curling irons in arms reach.

3. Two hooks side by side will hold the ironing board neatly against the door so it doesn't fall out every time you open the closet. This would also work to keep your step stool right where you need it!

4. No bedside table to keep your glasses on? Use an over the door hook over the side of your bed frame to hang your glasses, they'll always be right there by your side!

5. No closets for brooms or mops? Use an over the door hanger and some "s" hooks to store all those tools, they'll swing open and out of the way with the door when you need to head downstairs.

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My mind is in the Gutter...

The gutters on the house! One job you should make sure you do this fall is clean and maintain your gutters. Ii know you don't want to - but you should, I have some ideas to help!

1. Lay a big tarp out under the area that you're going to be working on. This way you can throw leaves and gunk onto the tarp.

2. Slip the leg of a nylon stocking over the end of the downspout. This way as debris is flushed down it won't make a mess.

3. While you're by the downspout, check the ground. If there are depressions or if the grass is thin, you probably have a clog causing the gutters to overflow.

4. Place a ladder against the house and carefully climb up to the gutter. Wearing rubber gloves, scoop out the muck and leaves and throw it on the tarp.

5. If you can't see the clog, you may want to try getting it with a plumbers snake. It's long and flexible enough to grab it easily.

6. When the gutters are clear, flush them out with some clean water.

7. Check the gutter hangers to make sure that they're all in place and secure.

See it's not all that bad!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


How can plain old envelopes help you around the house? Well, stock up cause I have some great ideas. If filling saltshakers is sending salt flying, cut an envelope diagonally so you end up with one closed corner of the envelope and then a part you can open. Snip the closed corner and you have a perfect little funnel for those small jobs. Need a bookmark? Snip the corner off of an envelope and slip it over the corner of your page. It will fit snuggly and won't fall out like some other bookmarks can! If you need to organize piles of pictures, but you need easy access to them, try this. Seal several envelopes and then cut them in half by their length. The little pockets you're left with will hold several pictures and can easily be labeled. Use bigger envelopes in the workshop for organizing sandpaper sheets. It will keep them flat and dry and you can easily flip through and find the grade of paper you need!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fireplace Care

There is nothing like a roaring fire to help warm a chilly night. Well, I have some hints to help keep your fireplace in tiptop shape! Each and every year have your chimney checked by a professional to clean away excess creosote and clear any obstructions. When you're cleaning out your fireplace spritz the ashes with water before scooping to keep dust to a minimum. Leave behind a layer of ash under the grate. This will protect the floor of the firebox from excess heat and will catch coals so the fire will burn longer. Just remember embers burn for a long time so make sure that you wait a couple of days to remove the excess ashes. When building a fire only use seasoned firewood and plain newspaper or white paper. Wad it up tightly or twist it into a small log shape. This is also a great way to recycle the paper from your home office. Remember never burn colored paper in your fireplace. Sprinkle your logs with salt before lighting the fire it will help keep soot to a minimum. Fires need oxygen to burn; poor air circulation can cause carbon monoxide build-up. So make sure that you leave the doors of your fireplace open slightly to give it plenty of air. It's just that simple~

Pumpkin Preservation

Did you know if you wash your decorative pumpkins in a mild bleach and water solution it will help them last longer? It's just that simple!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Autumn Checklist

Fall, it brings football, crisp cool air and the knowledge that winter is right around the corner. Well I've got a checklist so you don't fall behind this season. Clean and put away your gardening tools, wash them with warm soapy water making sure to get all of the surfaces clean. When the tools are clean and dry coat them with a thin layer of oil or petroleum jelly to prevent the formation of rust while they're not in use. Clean and put away your patio furniture. Have a heating professional come in and check out your furnace before you need it. Annual maintenance makes good sense and taking care of it before you need the heat will save you long wait times later on. Walk around your house and check the caulking and weather stripping. This is an ideal time to remove or replace any that is damaged or missing. Autumn is also a good time to order and stack wood for wood burning stoves and fireplaces. An easy way to help prevent wet basements during the rainy season is to simply install a splash block at the end of your gutter's downspout. This will help keep water away from your basement and help with dampness.

Unusual Uses for Steam Irons

Check out my newest post on AOL's DIY Life - Unusual Uses for Steam Irons! It's just that simple!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Time to Plant the Flowers!!

Although most people think of spring as the planting season, don't neglect those bulbs. You'll want to plant them in the fall so they'll pop up next spring. Make sure that your bulbs are good by squeezing them between your fingers; they should feel firm, not hollow. You also shouldn't be able to see roots popping out of the bottom. I've found the easiest way to plant bulbs is in one big hole rather than digging a bunch of small ones. This will give you a casual appearance which will look nicer in the garden. To determine how deep you should plant the bulbs, measure the diameter of each of them. Then multiply that number by two and a half. So, a 3 inch bulb should go in a seven and a half inch deep hole.Plant the bulbs wide end down and then just cover them with soil. Keep the bulbs well watered as long as the weather permits. It's just that simple!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Blistered Veneer

Think you need to resort to runners or doilies for blistered veneer well think again it's as easy to fix as ironing a shirt!

1. Small blisters can be fixed with heat and an iron is the ideal tool! It will reactivate the glue and settle the blister. Cover the damage with a piece of flat, smooth cardboard. Lay a hand towel over the cardboard then press a hot iron on the towel. Make sure the iron isn't overlapping the side of the cardboard or you'll cause more problems! Hold the dry iron in place for a few seconds and then check to see if the blister is flattening, if not repeat it until it does. Watch your fingers cause the cardboard can get pretty hot.

2. How about a bigger blister? If it's not slit down the middle already use a utility knife to make a cut down the center along the grain. Gently scrape out any old glue without causing more damage. Use a toothpick or a cotton swab to put a little wood glue under the blister, then press the two sides together smoothing toward the center of the damage. Then repeat the process that you used for the smaller blister to flatten it. If the sides start to overlap, just grab a utility knife to cut off any excess to get a nice smooth seam .

It's just that simple!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Soap Dispenser

An automatic soap dispenser is a great way to clear up the clutter around your sink and always have soap on hand! To start you will need a one-inch mounting hole in your sink top. Decide where you want the dispenser and use a hole saw for cutting metal to cut the opening. Don't forget to wear safety goggles while you're working. These dispensers come with all of the parts that you will need. Simply lay them out so they're easily accessible. Apply a bead of plumbers putty to the underside of the top part of the dispenser assembly. Slip the top part of the dispenser assembly through the hole and secure it underneath with the washers and nuts provided. Once it is secure, slide the soap container onto the shank under the sink. These containers come in both plastic and metal varieties, so be sure that you read the directions for any variations. If necessary, assemble the plunger and valve assembly. The only thing you may have to do depending upon the model is to insert the supply tube into the cylinder. The final step is to tighten the base of the pump to the sink top. That's it for installation, to fill the dispenser, remove the pump assembly, pour in your favorite liquid soap and replace the pump. It's just that simple!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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The How and Why of Rug Pads

Why do you need a special pad underneath your rugs? Well Among other things it will make your rug look better and it will make it last longer. A quality rug pad will keep your rug from sliding around and the rug will grip the pad, which keep it flat. A slipping, sliding, wrinkling rug is a big safety hazard in your home. A rug laid on a bare floor can damage the floor; the backing of the rug itself as well as the dirt that filters down through the rug can scratch floors and leave them quite damaged. The rug pad will also cut down on the everyday wear and tear the rug receives. It's a cushion so it helps absorb the shock of the feet and furniture to make the rug more resilient. Plus, it makes it more comfortable for you as well. A good rug pad will also protect your floors from damage if there is something spilled on the carpet, as a liquid seeps through the carpet fibers it will be repelled by the padding and stay off of your floors! The pad will also help make your vacuum more effective because the lift off the floor provides more circulation for the vacuum.

Monday, September 6, 2010

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Nail Polish Spills

Even though it seems like an unusual topic, I get so many e-mail questions about nail polish spills; I thought it was time to tell you how to remove them. Spills on fabrics can generally be treated with non-oily nail polish remover. There are a couple of things to remember. Test for colorfastness, a good place is on the inside of the hem. Never use it on acetate or acetate blends. The acetone will dissolve the fabric. Once you know it's safe dab the remover into the spot with a cotton swab working from the outside inward. Switch swabs frequently so you don't spread the stain. Once it is removed wash the fabric with warm soapy water. Spills on carpets can be removed with window cleaner, again test a hidden spot first, especially on darker carpets, and be patient, this remedy will take several applications. Spray it onto the carpet and then dab it out with a damp, white cloth. Once the stain is removed mix together a teaspoon of dish soap, a teaspoon of white vinegar and a quart of warm water to clean away any traces of window cleaner. For spills on wood, mix together equal parts of olive oil and white vinegar and use a terrycloth rag or superfine steel wool to buff the stain off of the surface.

Did you know that you should clean your dehumidifier every six months?

Do you even know how to clean it? Well, it's easy. Unplug the machine. Carefully unscrew or pry off the front panels as well as the back if it has one, then put them aside. Use the small crevice attachment on your vacuum cleaner to clean off the fans and coils. Make sure that you get into all the little nooks and crannies and clean up all of the dust and dirt. When all of the dust is gone, clean the coils with a toothbrush and a weak soap and water solution. Repeat the process with plain water to rinse them off. Allow the unit to dry. Grab the water reservoir. It's actually a good idea to clean this part of the dehumidifier once a month. Scrub it inside and out with soapy water and rinse it well. Just make sure that you dry it completely before putting it back in place. See how easy it is to keep your dehumidifier in tip top shape!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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