Saturday, June 12, 2010

Picnic Tool Kit!!!!

Picnic anyone? Well I have some easy steps that will save you time so you can enjoy your day. Line a box with a large garbage bag and pack all of your paper products into the box. When you get to your picnic site and unpack, use the box as a ready-made garbage can! To pack charcoal, take an old coffee can and use a church key can opener to punch holes every inch or so all the way around the bottom edge. Then use a regular can opener to take the bottom off the can. (If your can has a paper label, make sure you remove that as well). Put the lid on the top, flip it upside down and fill it with charcoal. Crumple some newspapers and put them on the charcoal, to hold it in place. When you arrive at your picnic place, flip the can upside down so the holes you made are at the bottom. Remove the plastic lid and light the paper through one of the vent holes. This chimney will give you perfect coals in about twenty minutes! Just make sure you bring a long pair of tongs to pull the coffee can off the coals before you start cooking! Rather than taking up precious space with ice packs, freeze some water bottles. They'll keep food cold in transit and will melt over the course of the day so you'll have cold water all day! Don't forget the baby wipes! They're good for cleaning everything from hands to tables and even silverware!

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