Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bag Lady!

Grocery bags, lunch bags, shopping bags, every time you turn around there's a bag to deal with! Well, I have some great ways to put those bags to use! Dump your homemade french fries or air popped popcorn into a brown paper shopping bag, put in your salt or butter or whatever else you want, seal the top up and shake! The bag will absorb excess oil and it's large enough to coat everything easily! Stuff a brown paper bag with crumpled newspaper, seal it up at the end and use it as kindling in your fireplace, your bag log will burn longer than plain paper! Use your home paper shredder to cut those paper bags into inexpensive filler for gift bags and packages! Stuff plastic grocery bags into boots and handbags to help them retain their shape in storage. They make great, free packing materials when sending out packages or packing for a move. No garbage disposal? Line a big bowl with a plastic grocery bag and scrape food scraps directly into this little trash bag, tie it off and toss it.

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