Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Gather your paintbrushes, I have some super ways to put them to work and you don't even need any paint.You can use a new, natural bristle paintbrush for basting, buttering and greasing! Everything from muffin tins to chicken barbeque, it is indispensable in the kitchen! Just make sure you wash it well in hot water before you use it! Paintbrushes are great cleaning tools. Use them to dust lampshades, moldings, wicker, carved wood and computer keyboards! Their bristles are sturdy enough to clean cracks and crevices easily and flexible enough not to damage delicate surfaces. Use a dampened paintbrush to help wash windows; it will reach easily into tight corners you can't get into with a rag! Keep a paintbrush in the laundry room to swish detergent over stains; there will be a lot less waste than if you dump the detergent onto the stain. To keep your paintbrushes nice and soft add a drop of fabric softener to the rinse water when you're cleaning them! No fabric softener, try hair conditioner.

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