Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reusing Bathroom Accessories!

You refinished your bathroom and you changed the towel bar and the toilet paper holder and the accessories, well don't throw them out. I have some ideas to put them back to work. Hang the towel bar on your wall and use it as a display rod for pictures. Simply twist some screw eyes into the back of your frames and run some ribbon through to hang your pictures. You could also hang a towel rod in a closet to organize ties, belts, scarves or necklaces. Hang the toilet paper holder and you have an easy pop out bar to organize hair accessories and bracelets. How about that toothbrush holder? If it will hold water, use it as a vase for flowers that you don't want squished like roses or Gerber daises. If it is not the type that will hold water, put it on your desk or by the phone in the kitchen to hold pens. Soap dish; put it by the back door to catch keys, or on your dresser for spare change or jewelry that you wear everyday!

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