Sunday, July 18, 2010


You may not think bungee cords are an essential, but they come in handy for all sorts of things!For emergency childproofing, keep several small cords handy to secure cabinets and doors. Just stretch the cord around the handles. If you've got a load a little too big for your trunk, just attach some cords to the hook at the back of the trunk and then to the top. It will secure the trunk door for your trip. If you have to move furniture with drawers, secure a long cord all the way around the dresser from front to back, and watch those drawers stay in place. If you can't find the cords in the size you want, make your own. Buy some bungee cording material with no hooks on it, then buy some hooks. Decide how long you need the cord, and snip it off giving yourself a few extra inches to connect the hooks. Thread the end through the hook and tie it off. It's just that simple!

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