Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby, Baby!

My executive producer just had a new baby - If you have a new baby in the house you know how much work it can be. I thought I would repost these ideas to help you out!!

1. Forget expensive changing table covers, buy a set of king size pillowcases. They fit perfectly over the changing pad and you get two so you can have one on the table and one in the wash!

2. A standing silverware caddy is the perfect place to stash baby bath items. It will easily organize soaps, lotions and washcloths and it is portable so you can take everything you need with you wherever you are.

3. A pasta pot is a great tool for sterilizing all of those bottles and pacifiers. Just boil the water and pop in all of the baby stuff. Just pull the strainer insert out to drain water away. It's a lot faster than using tongs to pull out piece by piece.

4. In addition to all of your baby items, keep your favorite stain pre-treater in your diaper bag. This way, if you're baby gets messy while you're out you don't have to worry about those stains setting on those precious clothes.

5. A box of zip top plastic bags is also great to keep in the diaper bag, from messy clothes to dirty diapers to clean pacifiers the bags are indispensable. Just be sure to keep plastic bags away from the baby!

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