Thursday, August 23, 2012

Handy Hints

All of us could use an extra hand now and then.  I have a couple of things you can grab that will really help you out!

Carabineer hooks are generally thought of as a sporting item, but I found oversized hooks and they’re so handy! 

I can hook them around a bunch of grocery bags and use the rubber grip as a handle to carry them all at once.

A friend hooks one to her stroller to hook her purse and diaper bag in place.

I’ve always loved hook and loop tape for all sorts of things, but it’s a onetime kind of thing. I love the one sided variety that hooks to itself.  I use it to bundle moldings and wrapping paper rolls so they don’t roll around.

I also love it for corralling cords, securing items in the car, and keeping electronics and their cords together.  Use your imagination – there has got to be a million ways this stuff is handy.

Finally, forget holding a flashlight in your teeth or teetering it on your shoulder.  Grab a flash light that stands on its own.  This one has a pop out tri-pod and a pivoting head so I can point it right where I need it and have my hands free to work.  

Now, let’s give these tips a hand for being so helpful!!!  I’m Mrs. FIXIT and it’s just that simple!

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