Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mail Center

Looking for a mail center for your home?  All you need is an old window shutter and some simple hardware. 

First, clean up the shutter, a toothbrush or some cotton swabs will really help you reach into the nooks and crannies.

depending upon the look you like you can either remove the hardware, fill any holes left behind and paint or  refinish the shutter, or leave the hardware in place so that the shutter retains its past history and finish.

From here you can be as simple or as fancy as you want, you can add embellishments for decoration, hooks or knobs for keys, or labels for different family members.   Then decide which way you want it to hang, vertically or horizontally – it depends on your space. 

Add a hanger or two to the back, depending on the size and weight of your shutter; you may need to screw it directly into the wall.  Mine is really lightweight so one simple hanger will do the trick. 

That’s all there is to it, this also makes a great spot for displaying cards or pictures.  Try it for yourself, I’M Mrs. Fixit and it’s just that simple.  

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