Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glue Gun

Do you have a glue gun in your toolbox? No, well you might want to consider it; because it's a super versatile tool!
1. There are three basic types of glue guns, high melt, low melt and dual temperature. High melt guns are for more heavy-duty applications. A low melt is more for craft and floral projects, and the dual temp - you guessed it, for both. The only trick is to make sure that you use the right type of glue stick for your gun!
2. If you do a lot of projects on your own a glue gun can be an extra set of hands. Run it along wood or trim pieces and put them in place, it will set up in about five seconds and free up your hands to add a more permanent fastener while keeping your work in place.
3. A glue gun is the perfect tool for reattaching loose trim on upholstery and lampshades, or use it to add embellishments to a plain item.
4. I like to keep my glue gun on a cookie sheet or another metal tray. This way if it leaks or tips over you don't have to worry about something getting burned.
5. Another tip, if your glue sets up too fast and you need to reposition, aim your hairdryer at it for a few seconds. It will soften it up enough to move it where you need to!

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