Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Swag Light

swag lamp is the perfect solution for a spot where you need overhead lighting but you can't hardwire it. Well all you really need is a lampshade and a swag kit.
1. Thread a connector screw and the wires for your new light through the top of your lampshade; make sure the end of the plug is at the top of the shade to wire the socket.
2. Thread the lamp cord through the socket cap and pull it out so you have at least a few inches of wire. Split the cord wire in two and anchor the wires with an underwriters knot by turning each wire downward to form two loops, then insert the ends of each of those wires through the opposite loop.
3. Connect the wires to the terminal screws on the socket. The wire that's smooth goes to the brass screw and the wire with the ribbed casing goes around to the silver screw.
4. Push the socket shell and cardboard insulation over the wiring until you hear a faint click so you know it's secure.
5. Pull the cord back out so that the socket is secure against the shade and screw the connecting nuts into place so that the weight of the shade isn't pulling on the wires.
6. Hang the fixture. You may want to cover the cord by painting it the same color of your walls or use a cord cover.

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