Monday, November 26, 2012

Denture Tablets

If you don't think you need to stock your medicine cabinet with denture tablets you should reconsider, you mix these things with a little water and they will scour and shine all sorts of surfaces!

Put a tablet in a glass of water and drop your diamonds in. Leave them for a few minutes and the gems will sparkle and shine once they're rinsed!

These tablets will also remove hard water stains from glasses and coffee decanters. Match the amount of water to the right number of tabs; soak the item for a few minutes and rinse clean.

Looking for an easy way to clean the toilet? Slip a couple of tablets into the bowl, let them fizz then flush for a pristine potty!

Fill a narrow necked vase with water and drop in a tablet, when the fizzing has stopped all of the flower scum and deposits will be gone!

Denture tabs can also be used to clean toothbrushes. Think about it, they are designed to kill bacteria on dentures so they will clean and disinfect your toothbrushes in no time!

Drop a couple into a slow drain and run some water to clear the drain quick! 

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