Sunday, September 30, 2012

Can It

I’ve canned some great ideas to put all of those empty cans to use, coming up next.
Can it be done?  Can we find alternative uses to these empty tin cans?  Of course we can!  I’ll show you.

First off – make sure that if you’re re-using a can that you used a can opener to get into, use a sturdy pair of pliers to crimps the outside edge of the can, and this will press down any sharp edges so you won’t risk a cut.

A big coffee can near your stove top is the perfect spot to corral frequently used cooking utensils.

Use a smaller coffee can to stash cash and valuables, and then hide it in the back of the pantry!

Line up cans on a desk, craft table or a workbench to store everything from pencils to screwdrivers. Several tin cans lined up across a window sill can make for a cute herb garden.

And if you need to shampoo a carpet, slip some tin cans under the feet of the furniture to protect those feet from water and shampoos!

If you need to put two card tables together for a party, slip the touching feet in a can to keep the tables from coming apart.

And speaking of parties put votive candles inside tin cans and lines them up outside your house to illuminate the walkway.  The high sides of the cans will protect the flame from the wind.

Can do tips to help you out around your home!  I’M Mrs. Fixit and it’s just that simple

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