Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reusing T-Shirts

T-shirts and tank tops are one of those things that just seem to multiply left and right.  I have a few clever ways to clear out the closet and reuse those shirts!

How about wall art? Stretch t-shirts over frames and secure in the back with staples or tacks.  Instant art that your kids can really appreciate!

You could also make a pillow cover. Turn the shirt inside out and fold the sleeves and collar in, securing with pins.  Leave the bottom open. 

Sew a few quick seams to box out the collar and sleeves and then flip the shirt right side out, slip the pillow inside and fold the bottom in place. Then sew a seam across the bottom.

to make this a no sew project, simply place a pillow form inside the shirt and fold away the sleeves and collar and knot off the four corners hiding the “holes.”

Make a tote bag from your tank tops by turning them inside out and pinning the bottom seam together to hold it in place.  Then, run a new seam along the bottom edge. 

Turn the tank inside out and the sleeves make instant handles for your tote!

To embellish any of these projects take strips of an old t-shirt and twist them into simple flowers and sew or glue them into place.

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