Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lampshade Mobile

Looking beyond function to form I am going to turn this ratty old lampshade into an adorable mobile for a kid’s room!

The first step is to remove all of the old fabric and trim from the shade so that you’re left with the wire frame.

Once you’re down to the bare bones you can either wrap the frame in ribbon, decoupage it with decorative paper or spray paints it to coordinate with the room?

Once you’ve got the frame set, you just need to decide what to display on it.  You could use paper or picture cut outs, beads, small toys or anything else that strikes you! 

If you don’t want anything dangling down, attach
Pictures directly to the frame with some clothespins or other decorative clips. 

i mounted these pictures to some cardstock so that they keep their shape and don’t curl at the edges.

All that’s left to do is hang it up! Keep in mind if you’re using this in a baby’s room you should keep it well out of the reach of the baby and make sure  that all of the items are securely attached! 

A great new use for something that was headed for the trash! I’M mrs. fixit and it’s just that simple. 

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