Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Organized Kitchen

An organized kitchen is a lot easier to work in, but the task of sorting it out may seem daunting. I have some easy ideas to help.  Cookie sheets and baking dishes piled in a heap? Get extra space and easy-to- see storage by investing in a couple of metal file racks. Pick them up at any office supply store. Just slip the rack into your cupboard and then you can put your baking dishes in between the dividers. Neat and easy!  Do you feel like you're short on drawer space? Look around. Do you have a drawer dedicated to plastic wraps and foil? If so, pick up a foil and wrap organizer. It screws easily into the inside of a cabinet door, keeps all of those wraps organized and frees up some drawer space.  If you have a drawer in the kitchen cluttered with pens, scissors, paper clips and other stuff, grab an old silverware divider. All of those items will fit neatly into the silverware sections so you can find what you're looking for.  If your appliance cords get all tangled in the cabinet, use some plastic garbage bag ties to secure them. They twist easily around your coiled up cord.

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