Sunday, January 13, 2013

Innovative Uses for Wine Racks

Decorative wine racks have become a favorite home accessory. So if you have a few, or if you see something you like grab them. Because they can do so much more than hold a bottle of wine.

1. Place a wine rack near your stove and it can hold oils, vinegars and other cooking essentials. They'll be right where you need them, but not cluttering up the counters or cupboards.
2. A standing wine rack is great for a tabletop to carry silverware and condiments from the kitchen to the table or on a buffet.
3. Keep a rack in living room or bathroom to hold your favorite magazines. Just roll them up and stash them in the compartments.
4. A wine rack also works in the bathroom to hold hand towels or corral curling irons, hair dryers and bath products.
5. Put a wine rack in your home office to sort mail, envelopes and other office essentials
6. Just some easy ways to use decorative wine racks around your home!

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