Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Steel Wool

Steel wool is in inexpensive and comes in a variety of grades of coarseness and you can use it all over your house, I’ll show you how.

If a screw is too loose, stuff some steel wool into the hole and then replace the screw. The steel wool will give the screw threads a new surface to grip and the screw will stay nice and tight.

Push steel wool into gaps around the foundation of your house, and around pipes and vents.  Critters like mice and squirrels can’t chew through the steel wool so it will keep them outside where they belong.

If you have pets that you bathe at home, or if you tend to get a lot of clogs in your shower, stuff some steel wool into the drain before you use it.  The water will drain through but it will catch the hair before it becomes a clog.

Superfine steel wool will scuff scuffs and imperfections from wood and vinyl floors.  Just get it a little damp and buff in the direction of the grain.

Along those same lines, steel wool is perfect for    removing the gloss layer from paint and stain finishes when you want to prime.  So you don’t need to sand the entire piece. 

Easy ways to put steel wool to use around your home.  I’m Mrs. FIXIT and it’s just that simple!

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