Tuesday, March 12, 2013


If you have them, you know…stinkbugs are a problem to have in your home; luckily I have a few easy ways to fight them.

To start, never squish stinkbugs.  They get their name because they release a nasty odor when they are attacked, and the odor will attract more bugs.

You can vacuum the bugs, but just make sure that you do a whole house bug check, because once you’re done you will need to seal the vacuum bag in a zip top plastic bag and toss it in the garbage.

 Another way to get rid of them is to knock individual bugs into a bowl of soapy water.  The soap will kill the bugs so you can dispose of them. 

Just dump the water into a toilet bowl and flush.  This will ensure it doesn’t get squished in the garbage. 

If you see the bugs on the outside of your house, spray them with soapy water.

To prevent the bugs from getting into the house in first place, make sure you caulk around windows and doors, check for holes in screens and insulate around foundations and ductwork.

Just some easy ways to get rid of those stink bugs. I’m Mrs. FIXIT and it’s just that simple!


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