Monday, April 30, 2012

Care for your Yard & Garden

Yard work can be overwhelming, but if you use these few simple tips, I promise that work will be easier for you.

1. Before you make a hundred trips to grab different tools, why not use a caddie so you have everything right there when you need it? You could try an old golf bag. It's a great size and it's easy enough to carry because that is exactly what it was designed for. Or, try a big plastic garbage can on wheels. Weight down the base with some bricks or something so that it doesn't tip over, and then you can wheel it around the yard with no problems.

2. If it's too hard to get leaves from under bushes and shrubs with a regular rake, buy a child's rake. It has small tines that will get to all of those hard to reach places with no hassle.

3. If you're never really sure whether you've watered the lawn enough, put a coffee can or plastic dish in the path of your sprinkler. You'll want about an inch of water on your lawn, so you'll have an easy gauge to measure with.

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