Thursday, April 12, 2012

Caulk a Tub

Cracked and worn caulk in your bathroom can cause water damage as the water seeps into the walls. Well, it's easy to fix so you should do it as soon as possible.

1. Use a 5 in 1 tool, the pointed end of a bottle opener or a chisel to loosen and remove all of the worn sealant.

2. Then clean the entire area with a damp cloth and remove any dust and residue.

3. Fill the tub with water. If you caulk an empty tub, the normal weight that gets in and out of the tub every day will cause the seal to loosen more quickly. When the tub is full, let it sit for five minutes to settle.

4. Run a nice smooth bead of mildew resistant tub and tile caulk along the seam. Smooth the bead with the curved edge of an old spoon, an old playing card or even a wet finger. All you have to remember is to get a nice seal on the top and the bottom of the bead.

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