Thursday, April 12, 2012

Clean Mini Blinds

Does it seem that no matter how hard you try to keep those mini blinds clean, the dust is back the next day. Well, I have a great tip to clean those blinds and keep the dust away longer.

1. Put the white glove test to work! Pull on a pair of cotton gloves and put your fingers in between the slats of the blinds. Run your hand back and forth along the slats. The glove will catch the dust and whisk it away. (If the blinds are dirty use that same glove but dip your hand in some soapy water before you start).

2. To keep the dust away, grab a dryer sheet. Dampen the sheet with some water and run it along the blinds. The reason the blinds get so dirty is because dust is attracted by static in the blinds and the dryer sheet eliminates it.

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