Monday, April 30, 2012

Emery Boards

I'm sure most of you have an emery board or two around your home, well dig them out, I have a some alternative uses for them!
1. An emery board is essentially sandpaper on a stick so use it when you need to sand little crevices and tight spots, one side for the rough work and the other side for a smooth finish.
2. Use an emery board to sharpen your carpenter's pencils!
3. They're also great for cleaning wood sap off the face of your hammer when you're finished with a project.
4. Wet the finer side of an emery board and use it to smooth away small chips on glassware.
5. If the make-up in your compact gets hard, scuff up the surface with an emery board.
6. Stains on suede? No problem, gently rub them with the finer side of an emery board to remove the stain and refresh the nap

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