Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Care of China and Crystal

Fine china and crystal require special care and storage, well I have some easy ideas to help you with yours.

1. Extreme temperatures will weaken china and crystal. Don't put china in the microwave or fridge. If you need to store or heat something, transfer it to everyday dishes.

2. As for crystal, never fill with ice and then add water, always pour water and add ice if needed. This will temper the crystal to the temperature change.

3. Never let food sit on china for a long period of time the acid in foods will eat away at the glazing.

4. Even if you think its dishwasher safe, always hand wash your china and crystal. Use warm soapy water in a sink lined with a towel or placemat.

5. For faster drying, and a streak free shine, add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse water.

6. When storing, always place crystal upright sitting on their stems so you don't chip the rims.

7. As for china, put a piece of padding between pieces to prevent scratching. Use a paper towel, a piece of felt or a coffee filter.

8. Don't be tempted to stack your china too high, a good rule of thumb is no more than five plates or two cups high. Stacked higher the weight of the upper pieces will damage those on the bottom.

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