Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saving Money on Home Renovations

Who isn't looking to improve their house without spending a fortune? Well, I have some ideas for you.

1. If you love the look of a granite countertop, but you think there's no way to afford it, consider granite tiles. You get the same look and durability at a fraction of the cost.

2. If you want to update the kitchen or bathroom look at the least expensive alternatives first, changing out the hardware on cabinetry can give a room a whole new look with minimal investment.

3. The same goes for lighting fixtures. New fixtures can get pricey. Can your fixtures be updated? Metal fixtures can easily be spray-painted. Remove the fixtures, tape off the electrical components and spray paint for a great new look. Be careful when you're working with electricity, and make sure you turn the power off at the source. Leave a big danger sign on the door to let people know what you're doing. Better yet, lock the bathroom door if you can.

4. Buy furniture in simple classic colors and textures and then brighten with pillows and fabrics. The investment is a fraction of what it takes to replace outdated furniture down the road.

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