Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home Staging Tips

Your house is on the market; you're going to have an open house. Well you need to get ready; I have some ideas for staging your home.

1. Think curb appeal. Have the lawn freshly mowed and manicure your landscaping. Make sure that your front entrance is welcoming, And have some plants or flowers or pots near the door. Sweep or blow off the steps.

2. If you have pets, remove all signs of them, asks a friend to keep your pet for the day and put away any signs of the dog like the bowls, the toys, or the bed. You don't want potential buyers walking away because they're not pet lovers.

3. Place fresh flowers around the house, fresh flowers perk up any space.

4. And you should also bake some cookies or pop some popcorn. Either will make your home smell homier.

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