Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coffee Curiosities

Coffee is more than an early morning caffeine fix; it can fix problems in your house and garden too!

1. Used coffee grounds serve double duty in the garden as both a fertilizer and a pest repellent. Sprinkle grounds over your lawn and garden beds, they release nutrients into the soil and give you healthier plants

2. Some coffee grounds around the base of roses and azaleas once a month will add acid to the soil and your flowers will thrive.

3. In addition to boosting plants coffee grounds repel all sorts of garden pests like cats, moles, and ants!

4. Speaking of ants, to keep them out of the house fill soda or water bottle caps with used coffee grounds and stash them under cabinets and behind appliances.

5. To fix scratches on dark wood furniture, mix together a paste of instant coffee and water, rub it in to the spot and buff it to a shine!

6. Finally, when all of the coffee is gone, save those cans! They're great for charcoal starters, spreading seeds and keeping things like matches and toilet paper dry when you're camping!

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