Friday, July 29, 2011

Pillow Talk

Time for some pillow talk, don't neglect your pillows, because if you do you could be missing out on a good night's rest.

1. If you have allergies and are concerned about dust mites, put your pillow in the freezer for a few hours! It will kill them, and then you can clean your pillows.

2. You can wash most polyester, foam and down pillows. Wash them on a gentle cycle with cool water. Don't wash more than two pillows at a time or you could break your washer! (A tip, run the pillows through a second spin cycle just to be sure all of the excess moisture is out of them).

3. Check the label on your pillow to see whether they can be tossed in the dryer on low heat. If it can, put a few clean tennis balls in the dryer with them. The balls will keep the filling even!

4. Don't wash the pillows too often, in between washings, invest in some zip-on pillow covers. These will help keep body oils off of them and keep dust to a minimum.

5. Just remember to wash the pillow protectors when you change your sheets.

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