Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Worth Saving

We all want to get organized and toss things out, but before you do think because these things you might be able to use somewhere else in your house.

1. Don't throw away the remnants from your carpet pads. A piece of padding is perfect for protecting your floors from tools when you're working on a plumbing or home repair project.

2. No workshop in your home, all you need is a silverware organizer to turn an unused drawer into a toolbox. Slip your tools into the various compartments to keep them on hand and easy to find. Plus you could take the whole organizer out of the drawer if you need to take the tools with you.

3. Throwing away a rotating toothbrush? Wait a minute. It's a great little power tool for scrubbing away dirt and grime in tight spots. Just apply some cleanser and spin away in those dirty areas.

4. A cookie tray is a great painting tool. Line it with foil and put your paint tray on top. Not only will it keep the paint tray steady, it catches drips and gives you a spot to set your trim brushes!

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