Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kitchen Quandries

Who doesn't run into a problem in the kitchen now and then? Well I have some answers to some kitchen quandaries.

1. If cutting onions makes you cry, try this. Pop them in the freezer for about ten minutes before you need them. The cold will keep the onion fumes under control - that means no more tears.

2. Wondering if your baking powder is still good? Put a little in a bowl with some hot water, if it bubbles it's good!

3. If you have leftover tea, pour it into ice cube trays and pop it in the freezer, that way the next time you want iced tea you won't dilute it with regular ice. These cubes also taste great in lemonade!

4. Wondering whether your avocados are still good? Pull off the stem, it should be green, if it's black, toss it.

5. If a recipe calls for fresh herbs and you only have dried, go ahead and use them, just use less than it calls for, they're more concentrated than fresh. So if the recipe calls for a tablespoon of fresh parsley, use a teaspoon of dry!

6. If you need a tablespoon of honey for a recipe, run the spoon under hot water before measuring, the honey will slip easily off the spoon rather than sticking! This tip also works for molasses.

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