Friday, October 21, 2011

Clever Cleaning Solutions!

Look around your home for tools to help you clean in ways that you hadn't thought of. I have some clever cleaning tools!

The majority of refrigerators today have glass shelves, which can present some unique cleaning problems. I found the solution one day when I was cleaning my windows. A scrubber/squeegee. Use the scrubby side with some white vinegar and water to clean the shelves and the squeegee to dry them to a streak free shine! This also works on the walls of your refrigerator.

Can a hairdryer help you clean? Sure if you need to clean up spilled wax, from walls floors or wood furniture. Just aim your hairdryer set on low at the marks just enough to soften them up. Then, use a credit card to gently scrape away as much as you can. Follow up with a white cloth dipped in white vinegar to remove the waxy residue.

Clever ideas for cleaning up around the house!

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