Monday, October 31, 2011

Tea Time!

It's teatime. I have some smart ways to put regular tea to use around your home!

1. Potting plants? Use tea bags as your drainage layer; they'll accomplish a couple of things. They'll absorb water so they won't leak out of the bottom of your pot and they release nutrients into the soil to help your plants thrive.

2. Tea is also a great grease cutting cleanser. If you have greasy spills on your counter or stovetop, soak a cloth in some tea, it will cut through the grease and clean the spill away in no time.

3. Looking for an easy way to clean your wood floors? Steep a couple of tea bags in a couple of quarts of water until it cools to room temperature. Dip a micro fiber cleaning cloth into the tea and wring it out. Then using the two-hand method, rub the tea into the floor while immediately wiping it up with the other hand. The tea will cut right through dirt and build-up. This also works well on wood furniture.

4. If you want sparkly clean mirrors, turn to tea. Rub it into the surface of the glass and then squeegee your way to a stunning streak-free shine!

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