Monday, February 6, 2012

Bathroom Organziation

Towels in a heap, soap slivers piling up, hair dryers and curling irons all over? Here are some tips for the bathroom!

1. If tweezers and clippers are cluttering the bottom of the medicine cabinet, attach some magnets to the inside of the door. You can easily hang those metal tools out of the way.

2. Soap slivers never seem to get used up. The next time you take out a new bar of soap, wet both the old and new with hot water. Then rub the two pieces together until they form one. No more slivers.

3. A decorative basket with a lid is a great place to store things like hairdryers and curling irons. They'll be close by, but won't look messy.

4. Make your family responsible for their own towels. An easy way to do this is to assign a certain color to each family member. This way they know which towels are theirs, and if they're on the floor, you'll know who the culprit is.

5. A mesh laundry bag is all you need to clean up tub toys. Put them in the bag and and hang it over the shower head; they can drain off and they're out of your way.

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