Wednesday, February 15, 2012


don't know about you, but I have a whole drawer full of power cords and charges to handheld electronics. But I have some easy ways to identify and organize all of those wires!

1. Labeling. Print out or write small labels to put on the face of each power cord. There is plenty of room, and then you'll know which cord goes with which device.

2. From there you have a couple of options. If you bring the cords with you, coil each and put it in a zip lock plastic bag, then label the bag for easy grab and go access. You could even color code the labels, a different color for each family member for a quick visual clue as to which bags to look in.

3. If you only use the cords at home, buy a dedicated power strip. Plug all of the cords in, coil them up so they're smaller and secure each with a twist tie or rubber band. This method will allow you to walk in, see which cord is yours and charge away. Plus, you won't have any cords and wires hanging all over from every outlet in the room.

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