Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Painting Tips

You can run into snags with any project and painting is no exception. I have some simple tips that will help you out while you are painting.

1. If you forgot to grab a paint stick at the store, don't worry. Grab a wire coat hanger. Bend it in half so you have two legs and a handle. Use that to mix the paint. I recommend the heavier metal hangers as opposed to the lightweight white variety.

2. Before you pour paint, put a strip of duct tape around the edge of the can; then pour. Let the excess drip back inside and remove the tape. You'll have a nice clean rim.

3. Prep, if you need to paint window frames it can take forever to tape them all up. Instead try grabbing your lip balm. Just run it around the edges of all the windows. This will allow you to simply wipe away any drips when you're finished.

4. Hard to reach corners? No problem, and no need to perch yourself on a ladder. Tape a fine tipped paintbrush to an extension pole and use it to access those out of reach areas. If a hard to reach spot is a ceiling line try taping a chisel-tip foam brush for nice clean edge.

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