Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If you have ever found yourself spending a lot more time on a project than you should, here are some easy time savers that will help you.

1. To mark the same measurement several times, wrap a rubberband around a yardstick.

2. Use a quarter to open a can of paint. Put it in the lip of the can and turn it.

3. To sharpen a dull utility knife, slide the blade back and forth along the strike panel on a matchbox! It will sharpen that knife in no time!

4. If you don't have a rubber mallet, cut a slit in an old tennis ball and put it on the head of any hammer. It will act as a buffer and protect your project.

5. If you stick a magnetic strip to the side of your hammer you'll be able to keep track of tiny nails while you're working.

6. Pull a saw through a bar of soap before you start using it and you won't have to keep stopping to clean the sawdust off of the blade!

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