Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Home Efficiency

Did your parents ever say, hey "close the door do you think I'm paying to heat the neighborhood?" Well if you have air leaks in your home that's exactly what you're doing. I have some tips to help you save money.

1. Check doors to make sure they seal nice and tight. To do this, close a dollar bill in the door, if you can pull it out easily you need to update your weather stripping.

2. Another option, if you can see through your door, hang a piece of black poster board on one side and hold a flashlight against the door jamb, if you can see the light, fix it up!

3. Next, walk around the house armed with a caulk gun and some exterior caulk. Look for gaps anywhere one building material meets another. Look at everything from your foundation to window casings to water spigots to your dryer vent. Seal up any leaks.

4. Check all interior light switches and electrical outlets on outside walls. Each one should be insulated. You can buy insulation or make your own out of styrofoam trays from the meat department.

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