Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bar Soap

Who would think that a plain old bar of soap could be used everywhere from the laundry room to the workshop? Well it can, I'll show you!

1. Keep a bar of white soap by your washing machine. It is a great pre-treater for stains, especially make-up. Dampen the bar; rub it into the stain and then wash according to the garments directions.

2. It will also remove fabric softener stains; those greasy stains on your clean laundry, just rub some soap into them and launder again!

3. If you're potting houseplants or working in the garden, scrape your fingers over a bar of soap; the slivers will collect under your nails and wash away easily when you're done with your planting.

4. Sticky drawers or windows? Rub a bar of soap along the sliding parts, to get them moving smoothly again.

5. Soap can be both an insect repellant and air freshener so store bars of opened soap in drawers, closets and suitcases.

6. Soap is also indispensable in the summer when you get those nasty insect bites. Dampen the soap, and rub it over your bites for an instant anesthetic effect.

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