Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lawn Seeding

Whether your lawn has weeds, bare spots, or it's just plain thin, I have some steps to make that lawn lush and healthy.

1. If you have bare patches, use a sturdy garden rake to break up the top of the soil and allow the seed to take hold. Spread the grass seed in an even layer over the area; gently press it into the soil. And then, Water the area well.

2. Another important step to keeping a lovely lawn is overseeding, or seeding over the current lawn. This makes your lawn denser which keeps weeds from growing and protects your current lawn from disease. Overseed at the end of the summer. Mow the lawn so it's really short. Then rake the lawn to remove any clippings and to open the soil a little. Once the area is prepped spread seed over the entire lawn. The short grass will help hold the seed in place and protect it from blowing away. Once the seed is in place, water the lawn well, then continue watering each day for a couple of weeks until you see the seed germinate and the lawn start to thicken. Don't mow the new lawn until it's at least three inches in height. You should overseed every few years to keep your lawn looking its best.

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