Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recycle for Cleaning

There are so many household items that can be recylced for cleaning when they are past their prime. These are just a few.

1. When the bath towels are wearing thin, cut them into equal sized squares. You'll go from one bath towel to maybe twleve cleaning rags. You can also use mismatched socks as cleaning rags, slip them over your hands and go to work!

2. You've enjoyed your cup of tea, don't throw away that tea bag, allow it to dry and store it with your cleaning supplies. A batch of room temperature tea is great for cleaning all sorts of woodwork and cabinetry.

3. When you're done making lemonade don't throw away the lemon rinds, toss them in the garbage disposal with a couple of ice cubes. It will keep those blades clean and smelling sweet.

4. Keep a coffee can on top of your dryer to store used dryer sheets in. Then recycle those sheets to clean electronic equipment and mini-blinds.

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