Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rewire a Lamp

Re-wiring a lamp is an easy project. Don't be intimidated, I will show you how it's done.

1. Be sure that your lamp is unplugged!

2. Remove the socket shell and loosen the terminal screws that hold the old lamp wires in place, this will allow you to remove the socket. Untie the knot in the wires and gently pull the old cord out from the base.

3. Start re-wiring, you can pick up a lamp replacement lamp wiring kit at any home improvement center. Thread the new wire through the base and up through the lamp. Pull about two inches through the top to work with.

4. Split the cord wires in two. The insulated wire should separate easily. If the wires on your cord aren't stripped, remove about a half an inch of insulation on of each of the wires.

5. Anchor the wires with an underwriters knot. To do this turn each wire downward to form two loops, then insert the ends of each of those wires through the opposite loop.

6. Connect the wires to the terminal screws on the socket. The wire with smooth insulation goes clockwise around the brass screw, and the wire with the ribbed insulation clockwise around the silver screw, then tighten both screws.

7. Put the cardboard insulation and socket shell over the wiring until you hear a faint click so you know it's secure.

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