Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alternative Uses for School Supplies

Wondering how school supplies can help you around the house?

1. A chalkboard eraser is a great tool for a quick clean up; it will gently buff away smudges and fingerprints from windows, French doors, mirrors, and wood furniture! No smudges and no lint left behind!

2. Chalk is also good to have on hand, rub it into greasy stains on linens. The chalk dust will get into the fabric and absorb the grease so it will easily wash away in the laundry. Those same absorbent qualities will also help prevent jewelry from tarnishing. Stick a piece of chalk in your jewelry box and you won't have to worry about that tarnish.

3. A pencil is a great tool for lubricating sticky locks. Rub the tip over the keys and work it back and forth in the lock. You can also use a pencil to fill a hole in wood if you don't have a dowel handy. Cut it down to the size plug you need. Spread a little wood filler over the end and you'll have an invisible repair!

4. Crayons are great for touching up scratches in wood. Pick a crayon that matches the wood tone, heat it slightly over a candle and rub the wax into the scratch. Then buff it with a soft cloth to blend the repair with the surrounding wood!

Making the grade with your school supplies!

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