Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Revive a Finish

You can get some great deals on furniture at yard sales, if a piece is structurally sound but the finish looks a little grimy and time worn don't pass it up, I'll tell you how you can revive it.

1. The first step is to clean the piece. Use a slightly damp cloth to remove any surface dust.

2. Grab a soft cloth, some mineral spirits and a pair of gloves. Pour a little mineral spirits onto your cloth and then rub the surface of the furniture working with the grain of the wood. Turn the cloth to a clean area and rub some more. Repeat the process until the cloth doesn't pick up any more dirt. Then switch to a clean cloth and give the piece a final buffing.

3. If there are still some imperfections in the surface of the wood try some superfine steel wool to lightly buff them out and follow it up with another application of mineral spirits.

4. For stubborn watermarks try spreading a thin layer of petroleum jelly or mayonnaise into the area and let it sit overnight. The oil will work out the moisture that is causing the ring. Then simply buff it clean in the morning.

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