Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vinyl Roller Shade

Vinyl roller shades are a great way to block the light in a room, but they do need maintenance. Here are some easy tips to help you.

1. If your shade won't go up all the way, it doesn't have enough tension. Pull the shade halfway down the window and then take it out of its brackets. Then roll it back up tightly by hand, being careful to keep the shade even on the roller. When it's all rolled up, replace it in its brackets.

2. If the shade has too much tension and flies up too fast. Take it out of its brackets and roll the shade about halfway down by hand, and hang it back up.

3. Repair a small tear in a shade by putting some masking tape on the back side. Paint the front with some clear nail polish, and you'll hardly be able to tell where it was.

4. To get rid of some small smudges or stains on a shade, use an art eraser.

5. To wash the entire shade, lay the shade on some towels on the floor and use a vinegar water mixture to clean it.

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