Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Install a Threshold

Installing a threshold to give a clean line between two different types of flooring is an easy job.  All you need is a little bit of time and a few tools.

You can buy thresholds with pre-drilled holes at most home improvement centers.

Take the time to stain and polyurethane it before you fit it to the door.  It saves time and headaches later on.

Carefully measure the width between your door jams. Transfer the measurement to the threshold and make a nice straight cut.

You want a snug fit so remember the old ADAGE; measure it twice cut once to make sure your cuts are perfect.  Once the piece is cut, you want to undercut the doorstop for a professional look. 

An easy way to get this right is to take the scrap that was left from the new threshold and lay it on the floor next to the stop.

Rest a back saw on the scrap of wood and cut through the stop on both sides being careful not to cut through the door jam.

Use an emery board to sand the underside of the stops and then slide your threshold into place.

Use wood screws to secure the piece to the flooring.
Most of these thresholds will come with screws.

A great transition!  

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