Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Repurposing a Table

If you’re getting new dining room or kitchen table, don’t throw away the old one just yet.  Re-use it into your craft or project room!  

A good majority of tables can be separated to accommodate leaves; this is the perfect situation for a project table.  Pull the table apart just about a quarter of an inch and you have a perfect straight cutting line for fabrics, poster board, wrapping paper, you name it!

To make measuring easy, attach a stainless steel yardstick or ruler, depending upon the size of your table, to the top of the table, left of the center cutting line.

How about those old table leaves?  You can use those for storage.  Use large shelf brackets to mount them to the wall for extra shelving.  If you have a laser level it will make short work of hanging shelves.

Fill baskets with all of your crafting, wrapping and sewing supplies, then pop them on the shelf for instant organization!

Easy table repurposing!  

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