Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tips for Selling your Home

Considering selling your home? Well, I have some tips to help maximize profit and minimize the time your home is on the market.

STEP 1:      First clean.  Give your house a “spring cleaning” do curtains, windows, rugs and furniture.  You want the house to look it’s best for potential homebuyers.

STEP 2:      Pare down the knick-knacks and furniture.  You want buyers to see your home, not your stuff.  Plus, an emptier room looks bigger.

STEP 3:      Use rooms for their intended purpose.  If you turned a dining room into a playroom, turn it back to a dining room while your house is for sale.   

STEP 4:      If something is worn and outdated like carpeting or wall color changes it. A tip, when you’re deciding on colors choose neutral creams and beiges they make everything look clean and simple! These small improvements can pay off big in the end.

STEP 5:      Just before a showing fill your house with homey scents. Make some cookies, popcorn or simmer potpourri.

STEP 6:      Finally, staging.  Turn on the lights, open curtains and have some fresh flowers around to make your home look its best and brightest.

STEP 7:      Don’t forget curb appeal. The outside of your home needs to be neat and inviting so people will want to look inside.

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