Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reusing Old Jewelry

Whether you have old jewelry in your house or you love picking it up at tag sales, I have some ideas for dressing up your décor with it.

IDEA 1:      Rather than a traditional tieback, use a chunky necklace to hold back your curtains, they add a little dazzle and get the job done!

IDEA 2:      Need push pins on your corkboard? Try some earrings.  The posts pierce right through papers and pictures!

IDEA 3:      And speaking of earrings, use French hook earrings to dazzle up a boring light fixture or lamp shade, just slip them in place and they’ll sparkle every time you turn on a light! 

IDEA 4:      You could also drape different necklaces or earrings on a chandelier or other hanging light fixture to dress it up.

IDEA 5:      You’ve seen pictures and mirrors hung from ribbons and cords, why not beads and baubles?  Hang the picture on the wall.  Attach the ends of a string of beads to the two top corners and then use a little tack nail to hold the beads above so it looks as though the picture is suspended from the necklace, you could also add dangly earrings to the bottom two corners to dress them up too!

IDEA 6:      Want to dress up cabinet handles?  Remove the pin back from an old brooch And glue it to a basic knob. 

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