Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Older Cabinet Door Fixes

You may love the charm and character of an older kitchen but the banging cabinets and doors that won’t shut can be a real headache, well I have some simple fixes.

TIP 1:                   Whether your cabinets bang shut or they just have so many layers of paint that they stick and you can’t get them open, little rubber pads can be your best friend.  Place thin, clear plastic bumpers on the top and bottom edge of the inside of your cabinet doors and drawers.  This little fix will keep the doors from banging shut and will give you a barrier between he layers of paint so that your doors won’t stick anymore!

TIP 2:                   How about doors that just won’t stay closed?  Install a latch. Now you have a couple of choices.  A magnetic latch has a metal plate on the inside of the door and a magnet on the door’s framed.  When the door’s close, the magnetic parts are attracted to each other and hold the door shut. 
You could also choose a crimped metal latch.  This type has a piece of metal sticking out from the door side and two rollers that catch the metal when the door’s closed.  Either type will hold the door shut tightly so that you no longer need to deal with flying doors.

Simple and inexpensive solutions to help with your cabinet frustrations. 

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